About Impact

Developers and integrators of technological solutions focused on the financial area.

Impact develops and implements software solutions since 2002. Its technical capacity, top standards and deep functional expertise have allowed a sustainable evolution from the first software specialized in regulatory compliance, risk management and money laundering prevention to the completion of a robust platform for the administration, control and operation of the financial activity.

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IBS iTech
A comprehensive financial and banking solution developed for the administration of a wide range of services (Banking, Broker-Dealer, Investment Funds Administration, Fiduciary and Corporate Service Provision, etc).
Fast adoption, immediate benefits
IBS-ITech is highly customizable. It Combines the possibility of using automated, configurable and integrated to the financial control, with a robust accountin system. This facilitates the adoption of the system allowing the input of operations with a greater agility and speed yet ensurin its correct booking.
Consistent, scalable and safe
The architecture of the application allt of the most sensitive information counts with a doube inpuows growth accompanying the growth of the business. The robustness of the security level comes with an audit log on a database that allows the recording of all the acttivity undertaken. In addition, the input of the most sensitive information counts with a double control configurable according to the hierarchy levels of the users.
Increase the return of your investment in technology
Automates the operational workflow of multiple financial instruments applied both to the institution and the provision of services to third parties.

Based on a powerful engine of customizable transactions, IBS-iTech incorporates the possibility of managing a varied selection of financial services (Banks, Broker-Dealers, Investment Funds Administration, Provision of Corporate and Trust Administration services, etc.).
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General Accounting
The abovementioned activities are automatically booked in a potent and complete accounting module developed to support the management of an unlimited number of companies by installation, having the ability to generate consolidated reports of related companies and automatically calculating the currency conversion.
An e-banking module is available for installation, which provides a mobile solution to clients who wish to access their banking services via internet, including complete statement of account online, issuance of advices in pdf format, safe messaging with the Organization, input of transfer instructions and secure authentication with one-time-password devices.